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Johnnie Durrant (a.k.a. DJ Master K) is originally from Europe.  He was born back in the days of the simpler life with no tablets, no smartphones, no flat TVs, in Bucharest, Romania.  In the days of the turntable, the cassette and the reel-to-reel.  When every single song and every album was an experience.  And the power of the Internet had not been discovered yet, therefore all the artists were facing a much more difficult process when it came to breaking it into the music industry.  That era created indeed some of the best artists and some of the best music in the history, pioneering the way for today’s rising stars.


In those early days back in Romania, even though times were difficult, music still found its way into Johnnie’s life, touching every aspect of it.  Like many aspiring DJs, that was when he started making himself noticed at all parties by providing most of the dance music, every time.  It wasn’t until much later, however, that he came across the opportunity to really express himself and really bring his contribution to the mixing world.


Johnnie immigrated to the United States with his family back in the early 90s, when so many ground-breaking hit songs were released.  He was therefore, soon exposed to some of the best music out there, that even today represents a basis for many artists.


While his life was challenging in the United States for several years in the 90s, he eventually managed to find his way into mixing and there have been many mixes created throughout the years.  And there have been several events that he engaged in as a DJ.  And that's how 'DJ Master K' was born.

“The beauty is in the transition” and “We live in the mix”!  These are views that he follows while he continues to pursue forward the music and DJ business.


From the early days in Romania when he created his first mixes on tapes with two cassette recorders and over-exploiting the 'pause' button and onto today's new digital technology, Johnnie has always found ways to twist new limits and seamlessly blend music together, crafting beautiful mixes that filled dance floors – be it at friends’ houses, at school, at various events and parties, or hired as a DJ.


Johnnie Durrant is now the owner of GME Entertainment and he is delighted to provide DJ services for your wedding, birthday, engagement, school, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or other types of parties you may need.

You may get in touch with Johnnie and book your next event with GME Entertainment on the CONTACT page.


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